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Radiophrenia 2023:

Ecce, sigh! Siren calls… still, I feel the same.
by Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow

Immemorial Echoes
by Sara Lehad


In cooperation with the radio art festival Radiophrenia, Kunstradio presents new works by artists Sara Lehad and Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow:

Ecce, sigh! Siren calls… still, I feel the same.
Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow

  • "Who remembers all that? History throws its empty bottles out the window.“ (Sans Soleil, Chris Marker, 1983)

  • A song is playing, in the background.
  • Hey —
  • Still, alive.
  • Waste(d) land revisited.

  • This is an acousmatic cadavre, reassembling thoughts and samples that are rotting on a hard drive in a box, in the downloads folder of my laptop causing slow pace or being captured in the fields very soon. As if it was a prehistoric cave, creatures pass in and out. The traces of another time lie buried in the undefined terrain, but I will arrange and add yet another layer to this palimpsest of sounds and form a loop of sonic references and anecdotes, like a Stone/r/d henge in a sonic sphere. Roll out a carpet of sub frequencies! You may hear the echoes of the sirens, they speak with a German accent in their voice in dramatic tone… still, I feel the same.

    With voices of Meta D-1, Gertrude Stein, Anna Oppermann, Fiona and the author and a quote by Lawrence English.

    Immemorial Echoes
    Sara Lehad

    What I call my sound matrimony is the sum of the inter and the outer elements that I hear and listen to when improvising with my machine and recording phonographies. It’s a magma of noises, concrete sounds, voices, languages, poetry, riddles, screams and, sometimes creepy stories. The composition came to me as the place where I could share the ghosts in me and the vivifiant present around me, going through a montage of phonographies and a deconstruction of the dualism in between which is a morphological sound and a representational one.

    Most of the speeches and human voices arise from wonderful women of whom are my grand-mother Wardia, her friend Haljia, but also a group of women called “Medahates” whose singing voices can be heard invoking the rain with tradionals prayers because of this horrible spring canicule. All these voices were recorded by myself in April 2023 in Mayache, a little Mediterranean village in the countryside of Tigzirt in the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou in the north of this very special and plural country – beautiful and tragic – I was born in: Algeria. The composition has been made in my studio at Pantin, France.