Sonntag, 19. November 2023, 22:05 - 23:00, Ö1



German Tapes

by Runar Magnusson

  • 1. Ich weiß von nichts - 5.26

  • 2. Vielleicht lebe ich hier - 20.01

  • 3. Euer lustiges haus - 21.12

  • Many years ago I was given a bag of cassette tapes containing recordings of radio drama from German radio in the early to mid 90´s. I have wanted to use these tapes for a project for a long time. When Kunstradio asked if I wanted to make a new work for them I knew the tapes would be coming out. In the summer of 2023 I spent 3 weeks in the Elektron Musik Studion in Stockholm where I digitised the tapes. I ran them trough various processes, mainly the Buchla modular synthesisers at EMS and recorded the results, hours or recordings. These recordings have become the soundsource for this piece. The German radio dramas and the Buchla 100 & Buchla200 modular systems.

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