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prix palma

Prix Palma Ars Acustica 2023 - Teil 2

Silent Roof by Ondrej Kaluzak
Helsinki routes, Keskumetsä by Mikko H. Haapoja

The Prix Palma is awarded each year by the Ars Acustica Group to an outstanding radio art production. The group includes radios and editors from all over Europe and beyond. This year's meeting took place in Zagreb at the invitation of the Croatian Broadcasting Corporation, and after a joint listening session, the Czech submission was awarded from a shortlist of five productions. Submissions to Prix Palma come from all over Europe, and three pieces produced by Kunstradio were also among the top five.

Silent Roof
by Ondrej Kaluzak

silent roof
  • generated by AI Midjourney ( based on key words
    “twisted mindpalace of very confused person who is standing on the roof of a building”

  • “The work takes us into an artificial universe, in such an organic way that the listener is almost unaware of it, guided playfully through the microscopic sounds of an imaginary brass band.”
  • (Jury statement)
  • Silent Roof is an electroacoustic composition consisting of five movements guiding the explorer/listener around a four-storey house. Individual movements represent individual floors, where the listener obtains information and instructions from the guide. The house premises are meant to represent the internet environment and especially social media, inducing feelings of confusion, insecurity, futility, and helplessness. The composition uses a wide palette of timbres, syntheses, and virtual instruments to create the impression of diversity and chaos of the online world. The composition was created with the software Ableton Live in combination with a range of composer's own Max/MSP patches used to create rhythmic structures and perform spectral analysis of the voice. Acquired data is then used to create pseudo-orchestral parts and resonance effects. Listening with headphones is recommended due to the use of HRTF filtering (binaural audio).

    Helsinki routes, Keskusmetsä
    by Mikko H. Haapoja

    Helsinki routes

    In his recorded piece Keskusmetsä, Haapoja focuses on the densifying city of Helsinki to nature - especially to the forested central park, which is under the threat of shrinking. In the central forest, stadial birds call, numerous different deciduous and coniferous trees, ring roads, sounds of outdoor concerts and mountain biking, deer footsteps, but also electrified ‘jouhikantele’ and Emmi Kuittinen's folk song 'Itku' recorded in Pitkäkoski forest in Helsinki Central Park'. Man has come to these from the Vantaanjoki estuary and Helsinki to the shores of the cape to stay, from different directions. But how about our most succulent forests, lovely airs, the most expensive lungs'?
    Helsinki routes - Keskusmetsä is made to nurture Helsinki's diverse nature on behalf of. For field recording, corona time provided an environment without aircraft noise, the conservation decisions of the northern central park, on the other hand, are the hope of the naturalists about the preservation of forest patches in the middle of a growing metropolis. The recordings of the piece are from Haltiala forest, Paloheinä forests, Pirkkola forest, Pitkäkoski slope grove,From Kumpula forest, Pornainestenniemi and Kuusiluoto.

    The piece Keskusmetsä, recorded with binaural techniques, is meant to be listened to primarily with headphones.

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