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  • © Arsenije Jovanovic

  • Avis vestigia in Mare Tranquillitatis

    by Arsenije Jovanovic

    In his new piece "Avis vestigia in Mare Tranquillitatis" the artist and director Arsenije Jovanovic, who lives in Rovinj and Belgrade, creates acoustic poetry.

    Arsenije Jovanovic:

    May I declare that this piece is not based on a plot what could be clarified in clear words? May I also declare that Avis vestigia in Mare Tranquillitatis is a poetry with closed content, somewhere in a dreamland beyond any geographical boundaries? – if so, how the author could explain to the listeners what his sound verses mean?

    This Mare Tranquillitatis is not on the Moon, it’s somewhere in hard-to-reach areas our surface consciousness, mine also, searches unsuccessfully... what I dare to say is that working on this piece is to have in some moments an idea about lullaby singing to a baby what was on the way to be born ...

    My daughter? Maybe ... to a little bird ... I had a dream about it ... dreams cannot be described; we chase them in vain to get closer to them but drreams are unattainable... is there anywhere on the Earth and in reality any kind of Mare Tranquillitatis where we have been born and where we will die?

    Mare Tranquillitatis gives some hope of happiness to those who suffer from cruelty... acoustic poetry as mental therapy... acoustic poetry like a prayer... it gives us the encouragement even when it laments ... How to explain it? Should that be explained at all? If Mare Tranquillitatis is not a geographical term, and it is not, why touch with harsh words something that is more in the depths of dreams than on the surface of deceptive consciousness ...

    I dare not to say anything more, maybe this was too much even... indulge in the listening ... if you don't hear what I hear, it will be my fault ... or nobody's ... poetry must not be the cause of anybody's guilt ...there is no truth in this story, a kind of truth we are taught all our lives, there is something else that is beyond the truth and certainly far from the words we have learned to speak with ...