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  • v. l. n. r.: Hannah Schutsch, Franziska Machens, Tilman Strauß,
    Rebekka David (Regie)

  • Der Termin

    by Katharina Volckmer

  • Excerpt

  • There is a young woman from Germany who confides in her London doctor, Dr. Seligman, in his office. Her funny, unsparing and also tragic monologue is about Hitler, about Jews as well as about cultural and sexual identities.

    The jury statement for the ARD German Radio Play Award 2022:

    "It is a single, voluminous, grotesque, outrageous, discursive, bitter and deadly funny stream of consciousness that a young German woman lets rain down on her Jewish, stoically silent doctor Dr. Seligmann. The text and its congenial, polyphonic-choral audio performance by five interpreters of different ages, genders and cultural backgrounds is not afraid of anything: not of provocation, not of faux pas, not of absurdities, and certainly not of gender discourse. Courageous, radically genital, and rhythmic, the piece mixes debates about guilt, misogyny, and buttercream cake into a gigantic and highly topical listening experience in the best sense of the word."

    Although she has turned her back on her Catholic postwar German family and has lived in London for years, she is haunted by the old ghosts. But here and now she is detaching herself from her past and even her present, fundamentally freeing herself from her shame, her culture and her sexuality.

    Based on the novel of the same name
    Translated from English by Milena Adam

  • With: Hannah Schutsch, Tilman Strauß, Franziska Machens, Dor Aloni und Camill Jammal
  • Composition: Camill Jammal
  • Adaptation and direction: Rebekka David
  • Production: SWR 2022

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