Sonntag, 01. Oktober 2023, 22:05 - 23:00, Ö1




Über das Verschwinden (On Disappearance)

by Horst Konietzny

The fascination of disappearance. The fear of disappearance. What has already disappeared, what will disappear. Will anything remain at all? Should something remain? And what is it? The motif of disappearance has a pull that is perhaps comparable to the pull one sometimes feels when crossing a high bridge. One moment still there, the next already gone. It is clear that the theme of disappearance attracts artistic personalities: Lena Herzog researches disappearing languages and the artist Bas Jan Ader himself disappeared when he set off on an Atlantic crossing in a far too small sailboat for his project "In Search of the Miraculous". He as well as the photographer Francesca Woodman are fallen out of the world, for whom their artistic subject becomes their fate. Ader's boat washes up empty on the coast of Ireland and Francesca Woodman jumps out of the window of her studio shortly before her artistic breakthrough at the age of 23.

In a time of enforced presence, the retreat into the void opens a strange terrain: the denial of the disappeared becomes a memory point for those left behind. Remember where you are, that you are, and that you are passing away. Sure, it makes you melancholy! But why exactly? The singer Connie Converse is also such a person, who at some point just got in her car and drove away without ever coming back. In her song "Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)" she actually describes her state in the somewhere quite contentedly:

In between two tall mountains there's a place they call lonesome Don't see why they call it lonesome I'm never lonesome now I live there

  • Voices and performance: Claudia Cervenca and Christian Reiner
  • Musik: Ardhi Engl
  • Sound Engineers: Manuel Radinger and Elmar Peinelt
  • Participation: Marvin Forster and Mia Weisz
  • Direction: Horst Konietzny
  • Production: ORF-Kunstradio 2023