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OTHER VOICES: echoes from a warzone

by Gordan Paunovic

"OTHER VOICES: echoes from a warzone" emerged at the end of April 1999, when the Serbian population was facing daily NATO bombing raids. At the invitation of Kunstradio, Gordan Paunovic, founding member and former head of music at Radio B 92, came to Vienna to perform a 100-minute live mix in Studio RP4 of the Vienna Funkhaus, giving a voice to at least some of the people who had not been heard in the heat of the media battle at the time.

Gordan Paunovic: "The mass media followed the guidelines of the established political opinion leaders of both sides and thus transformed reality into a huge propaganda machine. But the reality behind the Potemkin villages of the big television companies looked different - here lived people who had sometimes spent years and decades fighting the totalitarian system, hatred and nationalism with the help of their creativity. Writers, sound artists, radio personalities, media workers, journalists and musicians, they all suffered great harm in this war."

"OTHER VOICES: echoes from a warzone" is about these people and for these people and is also available as an Kunstradio CD.

The sound material for his live mix "OTHER VOICES: echoes from a warzone" on April 29, 1999 and for the CD of the same name was taken by Gordan Paunovic from various sound sources, such as Kunstradio, as well as the B 92 archive, recordings from Belgrade, from online and email diary entries and the CD "Hope" by Aleksandar Vasiljevic. In addition, the artist Robert Klajn broadcast an audio stream during the live broadcast. For this, the artist made audio recordings during the bombings in the days and nights before; Klajn also hung a microphone out the window. The idea was to acoustically capture the immediate mood in Belgrade and send it to Vienna. No one knew in advance that Belgrade would be under particularly heavy bombardment that night....

Raimund Löw moderated the CD presentation in June 2000. Hans Groiß asked the journalist and historian for a current statement from today's point of view.

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