Sonntag, 07. August 2022, 23:00 - 0:00, Ö1




Radio Art Zone is a 100-day radio art station for Esch2022 - part 1

Radio K Sampler

by Lepke B.

radio Astral – the atomic compression

by Manja Ristić

Radio Art Zone is a joint project by the artist duo Mobile Radio (Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann) and the independent Luxembourg broadcaster Radio ARA, which will be on air for 100 days from June 18 to September 25, 2022, as part of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022. The program consists of two daily broadcasts: a 22-hour radio arts production and a two-hour live radio show at lunchtime from a local kitchen. There are also two month-long artist residencies and a program of public events.

In collaboration with the artist duo Mobile Radio (Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann), Ö1 Kunstradio has selected 2 artists or artist groups from the diverse Radio Art Zone program for each of its broadcasts in August, who have not yet been represented in the Ö1 Kunstradio program. The artists were asked to develop a short version of their 22-hour programs. Among the invited artists are Maia Urstad, Tomás Procházka, Manja Ristic, Lepke B., Nina Guo and Auguste Vickunaite, Günter Reznicek and Marcus Maeder.

Radio K Concentrate
by Lepke B.

A short special Kunstradio version of his 22-hour radio show for the 100-day radio art project Radio Art Zone. The long version can be heard on on August 23 from 14:00.

There are hardly any traces about the identity of radio maker and artist Lepke B. Again and again he broadcasts on London's Radio Resonance FM under a variety of names.

In his Plunderphonics piece "Radio K" he has hidden a lot of black humor. Among other things, Lepke B has peppered "Radio K" with old commercials - including some for pet-food and radio jingles from times past.

radio Astral – the atomic compression
by Manja Ristić

is derived from a selection of saturated compositional building blocks of the 22-hour-long radio work under the title radio Astral – commissioned by Radio Art Zone, for Esch2022. This particular edit is sculpted from overlapping streams of imaginative narratives emerging from the drone and ambient experimentations, personal field recording archives and self-generative soundscapes, improvisational gestures and sequences on both conventional and unconventional instruments, and decompositions of various media archives.

The sound material aims to deliver carefully placed psycho-navigations, suggesting that the memory of the world is an energy compound containing us all – a multi-layered resonant field in constant interaction with the space-time continuum, which we eventually experience as a reality.

excerpt from the original Radio Astral text :
  • on a brim of the galactic void, embedded into a gravitational pull and sheltered with a strong magnetic field, lies the rock: spirited, effervescent, spinning like a tiny misplaced whirligig.
  • suffering from everlasting oblivion, its mischievous inhabitants are struggling to live in harmony. the memory of this restless world is so dense that became tangible – folded, cramped in tiny particles, well-distributed and coated in divine refracting light, flickering, often eldritch, but solidly tightened. it holds in its viscera everything that ever happened, like an insatiable body in permanent expansion multiplying its limbs into infinity.
  • ...
  • today’s programme consists of fragments from the omnipresent memory field and its slippery corners, savagely abstracted but gently placed upon attentive bodies. with occasional attuning to the planetary “pipe” and its spinning neighbours this transmission “source” is hosted by no one else but humpback whales and it tackles the epic storytelling of their somewhat phantasmagoric dreamland.
  • be awake or be asleep. radio Astral always listens.

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