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Foto: Ashutosh Gupta taken at Mutek Montréal 2019.

Twittering Machines
Tipping Point

by Kathy Hinde

Foto: Ashutosh Gupta

Twittering Machines – radioversion


Instrumentation: bespoke vinyl, objects, live electronics, field recordings, video projections
Duration: 30 minutes

A record player spins a vinyl recording of John Keat’s ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ translated into Morse Code. Software listens in, live, and translates the morse code back into text. Other sounds start to interfere with the translation, interrupting the Keats poem. The blips and beeps of the morse code meld with music boxes, bird imitation toys, singing bowls and other objects, all sampled and manipulated live.

Interwoven with morse code text are analogue films of birds and bird habitats eco-processed with natural materials. The film is further transformed using physical and chemical methods to interrupt and degrade the imagery. A poetic reflection on the delicate state of bird populations, as suitable habitat becomes rarer and climate change confuses the seasons.

Using bespoke software by Matthew Olden.
Kathy Hinde received an Ivor Novello Award in the Sound art Category for Twittering Machines at the 2020 Ivors Composer Awards.

Foto: Kathy Hinde

Tipping Point - radioversion


Instrumentation: Sculptural Installation of glass, water, mechanical parts and electronics
Recorded at Minoritenkirche, Krems, Austria, June 2017
Duration : 13 minutes

Tipping Point is an installation created using a delicate combination of glass, water, audio feedback and lighting. Twelve glass vessels containing water, are arranged in pairs and balanced by mechanics and computer software which regulates microphone feedback produced by the acoustic qualities of the vessels. As one glass fills, its opposite empties. The water level inside each glass tunes the pitch of the audio feedback and the brightness of the lights inside.
When all of the twelve are resonating, a layered, choral texture is created, whereas a solo or duet reveals plaintive rising and falling scales. The “tipping point” is a metaphor employed to focus on shifting water levels, and the potential consequences of unbalancing the earth’s water systems.

Tipping Point forms both a sculptural sound installation and the basis of a live performance in which Kathy Hinde controls all the aspects of the installation live. She works with a range of guitar pedals to re-pitch the sounds, accentuate different frequencies, and add reverb and distortion to augment the soundscape into an immersive composition.

Tipping Point is a collaboration with John Rowden at the Scientific Glass Workshop in the School of Physics at the University of Bristol with software designed by Matthew Olden.
A Cryptic commission for Sonica 2014 in association with Cove Park.
Special thanks to Joe Aichinger and the team at Klangraum Krems for arranging this exhibition and live performance for Glatt & Verkehrt Festival 2017.
Tipping Point received an honorary mention for the Prix Ars Electronica Digital Musics and Sound Art Category 2015.

Ivor Novello Award
Prix Ars Electronica
Klangraum Krems
glatt&verkehrt Festival