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Bobdylan by E.T. - die Irdischen (Günter Eichberger/ Wolfgang Temmel)


TUGETA - Monophony Nr.1 by Wolfgang Temmel
with the one and only TUGETAKESTRA:

Christian Bakanic - accordion/ Felix Baumann - vocals/ Michi Bergbaur - tuba, trombone/ Klemens Bittmann - violin, mandola/
Angélica Castelló - paetzold flute/ Alicia Edelweiss - accordion, vocals/ Ken Emerson - guitar/ Michael Erian - tenor sax/
Matthias Forenbacher - guitar/ Josef Fürpass - bandoneon, drum, guitar, flute/ Stefan Gfrerrer - double bass/ Chris Gray - bagpipes, tin whistle/
Franziska Hatz - vocals/ Rupert Huber - piano/ Eva Itzlinger - vocals/ Vid Jamnik - vibraphone/
Juun - pianoguts/ Kirby Keough - banjo/ Richie Klammer - trumpet/ Regine Lill - vocals/
Weiping Lin - violin/ Matthias Loibner - hurdy-gurdy/ Meriheini Luoto - violin/ Roberto Luti - guitar/
Günter Meinhart - percusssion/ Sergio Messina - sine wave/ Desiree Mostetschnig - vocals/ Markus Pechmann - trumpet, flugelhorn/
Jupp Prenn - mbira, mixing/ Dimitri Psonis - santur, oud, viola da gamba/ Peter Rosmanith - hang/ Primus Sitter - guitar/
Andrea Stadler - viola/ Oliver Steger - double bass, e-bass/ Jozej Stikar- harmonium/ Tibor Szemzö - bass flute/ Eva Temmel - vocals/
Manfred Temmel - guitar/ Richie Winkler- sopran + autoharp, bass clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax, vocals / Stefan Wedam - cello, vocals/
Astrid Wiesinger - alto sax, vocals/ Beate Wiesinger - double bass/ Mia Zabelka - violin

Wolfgang Temmel - tenorukulele, concept, mixing, artistic director


„Separately I am, together we are“
„Mi stap mi wan, bae tugeta yumi strong“

This rather banal sentence has been the motto and method of many of Temmel‘s works**, i.e. the exemplarily attempt to explore “individuality and „community“ through the medium of art and to realize them visually and acoustically. Each person contributes individually and is at the same time part of a greater whole.

TUGETA means “together” in Bislama (language of Vanuatu)

TUGETA is the continuation of the idea of a „monotonous complexity“ such as found in the piece Aa‘a Mokupini (Atoll A), a track on the CD/LP „ISLAND SESSIONS“ by Clarence Wolof & The Passengers