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"Voicings of an Auralist"

by Till Bovermann, Thomas Grill, Tobias Leibetseder and Almut Schilling
Voice: Maja Osojnik


A unique artifact was found in the Auer-Welsbach-Park in Vienna that was soon discovered to be a manifestation of information left behind by who could be called an "extra-human ethnologist". This feature portraits the excavation and restoration processes as well as what has been extracted as the content of the discovered message, telling the story of how a sonically focused being may perceive and comment on our visually dominated world.

Till Bovermann: concept, auralist text, auralist source material
Almut Schilling: concept, forensics text, material excavation
Thomas Grill: concept, analysis
Tobias Leibetseder: concept, production, mixing
Maja Osojnik: voice

Rotting sounds, a project of artistic research, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF AR445-G24)

voicings of an auralist - the book
Rotting Sounds