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Radiophrenia Festival 2020

Music for New Town by Helena Celle
it, still by soft tissue

Radiophrenia is a temporary radio station - a two-week exploration of current developments in radio art and sound art. Broadcasting live 24 hours a day from the Center for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, Radiophrenia's purpose is to promote radio as an art form and to encourage new, challenging and radical approaches to radio.

The first time Radiophrenia went on air was in April 2015, followed by other editions in 2016, 2017 and 2019. In 2020, Radiophrenia took place from 09 to 22 November.

Music for New Towns by Helena Celle


Music for New Towns is inspired by early electronic music, primarily the work of Tod Dockstader, and the retrofuturism of new towns built post WW2.
(Helena Celle lived in Cumbernauld as a teenager and her family still live there). 

Foto: David Excoffier

it, still by soft tissue


Revisiting a shared archive of recorded sounds, it, still is a patchwork of edited, processed and resampled material.
Listening for small sounds and moments of intimacy, the work explores the potential of previously disregarded recordings to form new relationships.

Music for New Towns and it, still are commissioned by Radiophrenia and Ö1 Kunstradio.

Kunstradio broadcast Radiophrenia Festival 2020 - part 1
Tod Dockstader