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Prix Palma Ars Acustica 2020

1) “The Joy” by Hanna-Helena Kinnunen
2) “Waschmaschine absolute” by Andreas Hagelüken

From the pool of entries to the Prix Palma Ars Acustica, we have selected two works, which have not been awarded but nonetheless deserve to be listened to: a production by Finnish national-public broadcaster Yleisradio, and another by the Czech Radio.

1) „The Joy“ von Hanna-Helena Kinnunen


The piece is set in an imaginary theme park – where an adult male, a clown, entertains people. The inner voice of the clown is included in his naïve poems.

The Joy is a vocal study of the essence of joy and it’s potential. The work has been written and sound engineered by Hanna-Helena Kinnunen and is performed by Kristian Thulesius as a clown.
Its radio premiere was on 14th January 2020.

2) „Waschmaschine absolute“ von Andreas Hagelüken


“Waschmaschine absolute” is the second part of the Kitchen Trilogy, and it results from the same phenomenon as the first part, i.e. our walking this earth with our ears opened wide, which allows us to discover unusual things.

Listening to different sounds during our everyday life is, in a sense, a never ending story. In his compositions, Andreas Hagelüken attempts – to put it simply – to share his impressions and invites everybody to dream of their own story caused by listening to various noises and atmospheres. It is a luxury! In fact, in our world dominated by the visual, nobody feels a need to listen. Like in the previous composition of the Kuchen Trilogy the source material is an ordinary concept. This time it is “cleanness” and its perception based on the washing machine. The composition explores the concept of cleanness in the sense of washing and of removing dirt, smog and other impurities. It also looks for the meaning of cleanness as purity and genuineness, which are words with mental or spiritual connotations and which could, in many ways, reflect the society’s moral values.

Voice: Vendula Holičková
Viola: Lenka Žubková
Electric bass: Martin Klein
Other performers (recorded voices): Beate Thill, Marc Derveaux, Michael Labres, Anna Kaiser, Arno Amian
Special thanks: Dr. Thomas Loop

Prix Palma Ars Acustica 2020