Sonntag, 31. Mai 2020, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1



The all is one
a collective radio composition
initiated by Rava vavàra and Eva Macali

PLAY Excerpt

Between the first and the third centuries B.C. alchemy started being taught in an academy in the city of Alexandria, in ancient Egypt. Founded by an early alchemist called Mary the Jewess, it was depicted by historians as a popular and prolific centre of knowledge and research.
Among Mary's disciples little is known about Cleopatra the Alchemist, which is believed to be a pseudonym for a group of alchemists developing medicaments. Even if Cleopatra the alchemist is named in a number of texts, what is mostly relevant about her heritage is a document called Chrysopoeia (Χρυσοποιία Κλεοπάτρας): a single sheet document located in a X-XI century A.C. manuscript in the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice, containing symbols, drawings and captions. Given the unknown meaning of the diagrams, in the Chrysopoeia we witness a complexity of the drawings and the presence of a Ouroboros, the symbol of the ethernal return. A sentence inscribed in the Ouroboros addresses the idea of interdependence among things. The translation of this inscription is not precise. One of the most credited translations is The all is one.

At the beginning of march 2020 a group of artists that have been participating to the experimental broadcast Rava vavàra got engaged in a collective project to face the covid-19 contagion. At the basis of the process of creation of this soundwork lays the will of extending practices and connections between artists that are located in different places and belong to different art domains and traditions. The collective soundwork took the shape of a loop, i.e. a piece that can be infinetely listened to without identifying when it starts and when it ends.
The possibility of producing a collective work that is more than the simple matching of individual artworks is at the core of the experiment as well as the idea that a number of authors contributing to a single artwork gives birth to something different that the sum of the individual contributions.

Rava vavàra is an experimental radio broadcast gathering sound artworks of various kinds including performance, audio installation, poetry, context-specific experiments and other.
Since january 2018, Rava vavàra has been broadcasting sound pieces and radio artworks through the frequencies of Radio Onda Rossa in Rome (Italy), Radio Corax in Halle (Germany), Radio Raheem in Milan (Italy) and Archipel Community Radio in Berlin (Germany). So far, changing locations and coproducers has made sure that the broadcast retains the perspective of conceptual and media openness and thus avoids rigidity.
Rava vavàra has an interdisciplinary approach and can be considered a radio experimentation that tries out artistic cooperation through different media and arts.
It is a laboratory with a global breath and a local depth, intended to share a variety of aesthetics on the basis of a common ground. Rava vavàra is the title of a poem written by Eva Macali in 2016. Some artists have made use of the text to create multiple sound versions.

In the long excerpt, which was broadcast on Ö1 Kunstradio one can hear the following artists:
Markus Åström: Passage, 2020, 13'04''
Pietro Bonanno: La conta dei riflessi, 2020, 14'
Till Bovermann: Sauna heating (Savitaipale), 2020, 2'34''
Marcelo Brissac: Vendo, 2020, 1'
CD-R e Nachrichten: LU, 2020, 13'54''
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay: Towards an Amicable End, 2020, 30'10''
Nicola di Croce: Jökulsárlón, 2018, 5'02''
Luca Forcucci: Palermo / Roma, at the same time, 2019, 7’50’’
Francis Heery: Lem Étude, 2020, 3'02''
Per Hüttner: Transversal madness, 2020, 2'20''
Stefan Klaverdal, The transcendance, 2020, 14'35''
Rada Kozelj: Golosa son io, 2020, 1'06''
Petri Kuljuntausta: Undercurrents, 2020, 10'57''
Axel Oey, Eeva Rönkä, Jani Anders Purhonen: senza titolo, 2020, 3'33''
Nico Lacerenza: BD LEARNED HOW TO WASH HANDS, 2020, 8'
Ivan Liuzzo e Marco De Martino: Tecnomachia, 2020, 2'57''
Luana Lunetta: siamo nel viaggio sempre, 2020, 2'47''
Eva Macali: Canzone del venerdi, 2019, 1'01''
Öm~~Zehn: Crisis Time, 2020, 1'14''
Cristiana Palandri: Nostalgia della lontananza, 2020, 6'48''
Pamela Z: Unknown Person, 2010, 5'30''
Reto Pulfer: apokalypse gestern, 2020, 1'40''
Cia Rinne: laur lyth milv, 2019, 2'28''
Grand River: Fade In Fade Out, 2020, 3'30''
Gaspare Sammartano: Brulicare, 2019, 1'36''
Elisabeth Schimana: Virus 1, 2014, 3'47''
Anna Schimkat e Michael Barthel: Cuckoo, 2019, 0'15''
Samon Takahashi: Bird reflections, 2020, 2'22''
Lotte Van den Audenaeren & James: multiply, 2012

“The all is one”