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Draft: Caroline Profanter

Erste Erinnerungen
by Dieter Sperl, Composition: Caroline Profanter


The starting point for this radio piece was the first memories given to the author. As narrated beginnings of life, he brought them into a poetic arrangement, which was further condensed by the composer Caroline Profanter. Each of these memories could be described as the earliest awareness, perhaps as a kind of life motto, but in any case as the beginning of a self-narrative. Thus Erste Erinnerungen is the last part of the author's trilogy of radio works that revolves around the question of who we actually are and what we are carried by, which language and which very own sound? The beginning was Wer bist du? (2015). Sperl asked 28 people of different professions and occupations just this one question: Who are you? It was followed by Aus meinem Leben (2018). True stories about life in all its diversity. Here the author was interested in inviting people to choose and tell a story from their lives. And in the end a return to the beginnings...

First memories.

The author found a groundbreaking metaphor for the audio piece in Shunryu Suzuki's book ZEN MIND BEGINNERS MIND, where the Zen master tells of waterfalls in Yosemite National Park, the highest of which is 1340 feet high. Suzuki says it must be a difficult experience for every single drop to come down from the top of such a high mountain. And that it takes time.
"It's as if the water has no feeling as long as it's a single stream. Only divided into many drops can it begin to have or express a certain feeling."

This outlines the spiritual background for the audio piece, which animates it as an open approach.

With memories by:
Thomas Antonic, Astrid Becksteiner-Rasche, Gordon Burgess, Petra Coronato, Petra Ganglbauer, Anselm Glück, Christoph Grill, Oskar Grzonka, Harold Hacker, Wilhelm Hengstler, Doris Hlawaczek, Geoffrey C. Howes, Dominik Hruza, Horst Karnthaler, Gerald Kaufmann, Alfred Kolleritsch, Julian Kolleritsch, Dora Kuthy, Oliver Mally, Madeleine Napetschnig, Franz Niegelhell, Robert Pichler, Elisa Polimeni, Birgit Pölzl, Caroline Profanter, Tina Raffel, Andreas Rinofner, Hanne Römer, Barbara Schimek, Martin Schnur, Dieter Sperl, Christian Steinbacher, Josef Strobl, Andreas Unterweger, ruth weiss, Helga Wimmer, Anne Zauner, Silvia Zendron, Elisabeth Zimmermann.