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El contagio feminista #3 curated by Anna Raimondo: c;c~ von Constanza Castagnet
Darling (Aus der Reihe: Das kryptografische Journal) von Corina Cinkl und Raphaela Edelbauer


El contagio feminista #3
curated by Anna Raimondo

c;c~ by Constanza Castagnet


“If we continue to speak the same language to each other, we will reproduce the same story. Telling the same stories all over again”.
Luce Irigaray

This work is an attempt to elude the normative perspective and avoid sameness by traveling aimlessly through the thresholds of language using a voice that cannot be encoded. The voices and stories that emerge from the darkness in this work move away from linearity, the obvious and the quickly consumable.

In return, they offer time, loneliness, weathering. Through repetitions and reverberations, the phonetic material creates an abstract sonority with only one voice. In a progressive sway, its language unfolds and multiplies, building a labyrinth whose transit and enjoyment becomes possible in the gloom.


Darling (From the serial: The Cryptographic Journal)

Raphaela Edelbauer
Audio: Corina Cinkl
Voices: Corina Cinkl, Raphaela Edelbauer, Muhammed Hasa


The Cryptographic Journal is a hands-on format for decryption fanatics around the world. Take a block and a handheld radio and unravel the ciphers of the week!

Today's issue is all about Israel and its secret services, with correspondent Raphaela Edelbauer repeatedly morsting recordings from Tel Aviv into the studio. From a wild overlay of historical anecdotes, encryption tips for everyday life and product recommendations from our advertising partners, the key has to be read out again this time.

So amateur radio operators: Get on the phones and call the studio number on +43 678 128 7700 if you were able to decrypt the subtext correctly!