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Liquid Radio 2 curated by Radio Tsonami (Fernando Godoy)

- “La Gota” by Joaquín Cofreces
- “Mãe das Águas” by Julio de Paula

The Chilean artist Fernando Godoy has developed the curated by radio art series "Liquid Radio" together with the collaborative experimental online radio station Radio Tsonami, which has been broadcasting 24 hours per day since mid-2016. Five artists from Argentina, Chile and Peru were invited to develop new radio works. These were also presented during the 13th edition of the Tsonami Soundart Festival in Valparaiso, Chile.

The Tsonami Festival will take place from 2 - 7 December 2020, but in a different way than planned. Due to the social upheavals that have been taking place since mid-October and that are fundamentally changing neoliberal Chile - according to the festival organizers, the program has been completely redesigned. For the current edition of the Tsonami Festival, the role of sound art in South America in times of crisis was questioned. The Tsonami Festival team decided to do completely without festivity and spectacle, therefore it became a platform for encounter and reflection.

"Liquid Radio" deals with electromagnetic waves and water. Both are important forces that influence and surround our planet. Both the electromagnetic and the currents of water contain a superficial and an invisible dimension. Water and electromagnetic waves play an important role in all areas of life and in all physical substances.

The Ö1 Kunstradio series begins with the pieces "Pool" by Argentinian sound designer Sol Rezza, who emanates from the formative and enduring power of the element water, and "Yaku rimam: El agua habla" by Peruvian journalist and sound researcher Alejandro Cornejo Montibeller, who has made sound recordings in the Peruvian Andes, thus attempting to trace the manifold states and structures of water, its forms and paths.

„Una Gota“ by Joaquín Cofreces


A drop that travels through different parts of the world through different situations. Soundscapes that follow each other continuously; liquids in their different states, demonstrating that water, despite being constantly changing and moving, is present in all aspects of our life, being a transmitter of vital energy.

A composition in which real and imaginary spaces are mixed, discovering our planet as a drop that moves through the universe. 

Produced with field recordings made in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Finland, France, Norway and the Czech Republic.

“Mãe das Águas” by Julio de Paula


A testimony in the Macuxi language, of the Amazonian Rainforest, is the starting point for this piece that draws our attention towards the need of preserving the springs for our own survival. Every river, every eye of water, every waterfall, as well as everything that exists, has an owner, a protector, a "mother." With ears attentive to a South American cosmogony, “Mãe das Águas” is about the fantastic creatures that inhabit the different levels of the universe, both physical and spiritual. The piece seeks to contribute in de-colonize listening and re-learn with the native people, without forgetting the European sirens, which for centuries have been internalized in our imaginary. Among the soundscapes used, those that were recorded in large rivers, such as the Amazon and the São Francisco, deserve special mention; the Perito Moreno glacier; Lake Calafquén, which is located in Mapuche territory; in the ceremonial source of the Inca fortress of Ollantaytambo and in a Vereda - the oasis in Cerrado, the savanna with the greatest biodiversity in the world and also one of the most vulnerable.

Macuxi Testimony: Enoque Raposo
Voices: Caia Amoroso, Isabel Ramirez, Valentina Martelli, Rodrigo Millan and Julio de Paula

Radio Tsonami
Encuentro Tsonami 2019