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Station Rose Jingle 2019
U>< N<>I<<< T >>>A

by Station Rose


U>< N<>I<<< T >>>A
#Urbana Natura in_hancing_The_Augmented & vice versa is an augmented audio-visual installation, an “Out of Nature into Urban Augmented Space & Back again” exhibition.

The ensemble of nature, urban and augmented spaces shows the already existing deep interweaving of these seemingly independent levels and forms of life.

Patterns have been essential in the digital STATION ROSE (STR) image and sound language since 1988.

Nature also appears as patterns, urban plants are fed into the microscope by Elisa Rose. Nature has long played an important role and its integration into urban space is extremely necessary. STR has coined the terms “Digital Land Art,” “Urban Digital Land Art” and “Nature Is Cool/ NiC"

U>< N<>I<< T >>A
improve in_hance propagate
urbana natura augmentata

- The integration of nature into the urban space - a reflowering on a broad scale - is extremely necessary to improve life in the cities. We are talking here about reflowering on an analogue virtual & augmented level.
Let's fight for cool climate islands downtown in the connection with digital art.

Let´s Go !
Art is Faster

„What if it turns out that the scientists couldnt do what they do unless the artists first helped them to reperceive the universe“.
Dr.Leonard Shlain
hlr in 1st decade 1998