Sunday, 28. April 2019, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1



„Oh Wildnis, oh Schutz vor ihr“
by Elfriede Jelinek


"Oh Wildnis, oh Schutz vor ihr is a "brilliant attack against the mystical glorification of nature. A satirical mobilization against the new united front of forest protectors and forest owners". Based on texts from Jelinek's 1985 novel Otto Brusatti has arranged a radio play with music mainly by Franz Schubert.

"It is this piece - as a sound experience - but above all intended as a high art of listening. It is about the rampant nature- "Dodeltum" overloaded with the total profit and desire from it. An old woman (with pseudo-landkunst, NS nostalgia and malevolence), a young manager (failing because of capitalism, her greed), a worker from the country (with all the desires and bad macho addictions of those from the country and the forest)... The permanent music of Franz Schubert performed by Mischwerk is even more disturbing in its glory than in the original" (Otto Brusatti).

With: Elisabeth Orth, Sylvie Rohrer and Karl Markovics, Sound: Manuel Radinger and Fritz Trondl, Music: Mischwerk, Direction: Otto Brusatti (ORF 2019)

Elfriede Jelinek on Franz Schubert