Sunday, 21. April 2019, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1



„Spectral Cities“
by Christina Kubisch, Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger


Spectral Cities is an audiovisual performance, which celebrated its premiere in December 2018 at HeK, the House of Electronic Arts Basel. Kunstradio presents an adapted and newly arranged version of the performance.

Spectral Cities is based on the exploration of different spectral levels of cities in times of high frequency technology and digital media. These levels are translated into the realm of human perception: Advanced field recording techniques make electromagnetic fields audible or the continuous pulsation of alternating current visible. The cloud of ubiquitous communication channels becomes the material of an immersive aesthetic experience that reaches the limits of our senses. All recordings were made in 21st century metropolitan areas, that the artists have visited in the last two decades: Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Seoul, Vienna, Antananarivo, Lagos, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin and numerous more.

Kubisch, Kutin and Kindlinger have worked together since 2015, when they developed the short film and the audio piece ‘Desert Bloom’. Both works have been presented at international festivals for film and for sound art. The radio piece was awarded the Karl-Szuka-Preis for radio art at the Donauschingen Music Days in 2016.