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„Gebären / Birthing“
a radio work in eight chapters byElisabeth Schimana


Ö1 Kunstradio's contribution to this focus is not a review of the achievements of the women's movement, but a feminist and radically future-oriented perspective of the artist and composer Elisabeth Schimana. In her radio piece entitled "Gebären" ("Birthing"), alternatives to common gender roles and family models anchored in our society are presented - and areas that are taboo and too intimate to be publicly discussed and thought through are also entered. For example: sexual desire to give birth and breastfeed, men with wombs, breastfeeding of foreign babies and co-parenting, i.e. joint parenthood without couple relationship. Some of these alternatives undoubtedly scratch the capitalist and patriarchal foundations on which our world is based.

The texts are taken from the book “Maternidades subversivas” ("Subversive Maternities"), published by the Spanish feminist, author, artist, activist and mother María Llopis. On 28 March 2019, María Llopis will be a guest at an interesting festival curated and organized by Elisabeth Schimana and the Institute of Media Archaeology with a lecture performance. "The Art of Reproduction" starts on Thursday, March 7, 2019, with an exhibition, an audiovisual installation, film screenings, concerts and performances, discussion and also a ballot box - because the festival will take place at the "XX TÉCHNE 6.0 Election Office" in Sankt Pölten, and the "Art of Reproduction" will be held within the framework of the "We have a choice" project.

„In the patriarchal system in which we live, control over the female and her childbearing body is a primal need. This system of control determines whether, when and how the next generations will be born to obtain the state. If a state needs soldiers, abortion is forbidden under penalty of death, or women of childbearing age are recruited via social networks, if no girls are needed their birth is prohibited, if the state needs children, there is a family bonus…. María Llopi's book “Maternidades subversivas” (Subversive Motherhood, 2015) shakes things up. She formulates alternatives such as orgiastic birth, co-parenthood or co-breastfeeding based on interviews she conducted.“
(Elisabeth Schimana)

Intro: Rosario Hernández Catalán
Chapter 1 - Orgasmic birth: María Llopis, Núria M. Martin, Sarri Wilde
Chapter 2 – Social realities:: María Llopis, Alicia Murillo
Chapter 3 – Gender: María Llopis, Erik Huma, Del Lagrace Volcano
Chapter 4 – Co- Parenthood: María Llopis, Mad Kate
Chapter 5 – Co- Breastfeeding: María Llopis, Barbara Iserte
Chapter 6 – Gynaecology: Pabla Pérez, Klau Kinky
Chapter 7 – Matriarchal: María Llopis, Jesusa Ricoy Olariaga
Chapter 8 – Ecosex: Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens

Concept and music: Elisabeth Schimana
Voices: Rosie Waites, Riem Higazi, Andreas Maurer
Soundengineer: Martin Leitner
Production: Ö1 Kunstradio, 2019
All texts are taken from María Llopis book “Maternidades subversivas” in an unpublished English translation.

The Art Of Reproduction