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Foto: Francesco Paolini

„The School of Radio präsentiert Cagetown"

mit Andrea Borgnino, Emil KR, Demetrio Cecchitelli, Reni Hofmüller,
Enrico Malatesta, Fabio Mina, MOHO, Roberto Paci Dalò,
Oderso Rubini und Michele Selva


On 10 March 2018 The School of Radio has presented "Cagetown" a concert that celebrated the 40 years of John Cage’s Train. Numerous artists took turns on the stage also confronting with unpublished images shot on the train in 1978 (black and white super8 films) from the Oderso Rubini archives. Some of the original sounds from the 1978 project were also part of “Cagetown”.

The School of Radio - radio art symposium took place in the Republic of San Marino from 9th till 11th of March 2018. Three days of round tables, workshops, sound installations, photographic exhibitions and concerts.

At 40 years from John Cage’s Train and 20 years after the last edition of the Radio Art Festival, L’Arte dell’Ascolto, San Marino hosted a symposium/workshop - curated by Roberto Paci Dalò and Elisabeth Zimmermann - dedicated to Radio Art.

The experience of John Cage in 1978 also touched Rimini and Ravenna and you can hear the witnesses of those who were on the train to investigate this epochal project. L’Arte dell’Ascolto (LADA) was the festival that during the 1990s brought international artists to Rimini and San Marino working together on some innovative networked projects combining radio and internet. From the itinerant audio laboratory of Cage, a reflection is opened on the need (today and in the past) of the experimental sound laboratories / studios for electronic music like some of the public national radio stations have had.

“The School of Radio” was promoted by the University of the Republic of San Marino, Usmaradio and the Secretariat of State Education and Culture.

Il Treno di John Cage
L’Arte dell’Ascolto (LADA)
Oderso Rubini
The School of Radio
University of the Republic of San Marino