Sonntag, 15. Juli 2018, 23:03 - 00:00, Ö1



"Station Rose Jingle 30.0"
by Station Rose


In its founding year 1988 STATION ROSE / STR postulated "The outcome of this story takes place everywhere". At the time only a few could imagine this “being everywhere” to become true. Today we experience this on the internet every second for ten thousand times.

STR definition concepts such as "Digital Bohème" or "Gunafa" have influenced and changed the lives of all - consciously or unconsciously.

The new jingle by STATION ROSE is not a retrospective of realized visions. Over the last 30 years one could follow almost every year in Kunstradio Station Rose’s interconnections of current compositions, statements and postulates.

STR can draw from a sheer infinite digital reservoir for 30.0. The database has become huge, is still growing, is opulent, interconnectable and nourishes itself. Even if already existing samples from the last 3 decades are implemented, new digital work will be created during the performance.

The morphing of digital data gives the feeling of real time & that's a good thing!

For all legitimate concerns about the very problematic power structures, which rule the Internet, it has to be mentioned that humanity is currently building an immense networked data structure. Station Rose fills and feeds this since 1988. At 30.0 we deliberately do not speak of artificial intelligence, but of artistic.