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Who owns the Land?
by Bruno Pisek


The question „Who owns the land?“ came into being from the observation of the arial photographs of the structures of the properties of Wolkersdorf in Weinviertel.

From the continuative question about the realities of sedentariness and migration originated the question about the relationship between the domestic and the foreign. According to these questions the work opens acoustic and visual rooms of thoughts. In form of photography, video-installation, soundinstallation, radio-art, performance, workshop, art in public space, and in cooperation with people from Wolkersdorf.

Foto: Bruno Pisek

The specific role for radio in this project is the crossing of borders, as a balancing opposite pole to national restriction. I.e. on the one hand radio as access to the foreign other. And on the other hand radio as ongoing attempt to put reality into connection with the reality, that is familiar to us.

In the framework of the exhibition "Wem gehört das Land" at FLUSS - Niederösterreichische Initiative für Foto- und Medienkunst in the castle of Wolkersdorf entstand die Radiokomposition "Wem gehört das Land?" von Bruno Pisek mit dem sprechchor, Fotografien und ein Video von Helmut Wimmer, sowie Partituren, Fahnen und Zeichnungen von Denisa Angheluţă.

Foto: Helmut Wimmer

der sprechchor: Adrienne Schleifer, Anil Üver, Bobby Sommer, Daniela Beuren, Daniela Schatz, Gabi Migdalek, Isabel Portela Vieira, Kai Kugler, Katharina Staininger, Klaus Hahn, Konstanze Rainer, Monika Maria Steiner, Omaya Albahra, Sawsan Aladaa, Sara Olia, Waltraud Wührer; Interview partners: Mag. Rudolf Rozanek (biologist), Herrmann Kogl (apiarist), Josef Semrad (ornithologist)

Adrienne Schleifer (French), Anil Üver (Turkish), Sara Olia (Farsi), Omaya Albahra (Arab), Bobby Sommer, Michael Feigl, Khor Wen Xi (Chinese), Daniela Beuren (English, French, Spanish), Lena Knilli (Czech), Bruno Pisek (Latin), Luz Agudelo, Vera Czemerinski (Spanish), Denisa Angheluţă (Romanian), Genta Kristo (Albanian)

Lanuages: Latin, Hungarian, Czech, French, Turkish, Farsi, Chinese, Arab, German, Spanish, English, Romanian, Albanian

Organ: Gerlinde Bachinger
Saxophone: Bobby Sommer
Sewing Machine: Denisa Angheluţă
Alto flute, straw fiddle, percussion: Bruno Pisek
Texts: Bruno Pisek „Nachrichten“, „Meins!“, „Cuius est terra? (Habitat)“, „In der Stadt“, „Das feste Haus“, Sara Olia „Gehört sich selbst“, Kai Kugler „Herzlich willkommen“, Daniela Beuren „Ohne Worte“, Katharina Staininger „Form geben“

Recordings, editing, composition, organisation, choir master: Bruno Pisek

Fotography, Video: Helmut Wimmer
Scores, banners, drawings: Denisa Angheluţă