Sunday, 7. October 2018, 23:03 - 00:00, Ö1



by Jacqueline George
Live vom the ORF musikprotokoll in Graz

Live Ö1-Audio Stream

At the end of this year's ORF musikprotokoll festival, Jacqueline George paints a portrait of her home town live on air in Ö1 Kunstradio. “Cairo is full of sounds,” the sound artist explains, “you won’t find a moment of silence anywhere.” When she walks along the streets, it feels like being in a big orchestral concert and hearing countless musical voices all at the same time. Some appear abruptly, others slowly fade in and out again. Some are very close, others far away. Cairo is loud, George continues, but the incessant noise is also a cornucopia. For many years now, she has been collecting the diverse sounds, weaving them together in her very personal stories.

"When I compose, I dive into this sea of ideas, looking for my own way. Sometimes it gets very dense in my pieces, letting myself be inspired by the noise on Cairo's streets without using traffic noise. Sometimes I linger on a certain sound for a while, repeating it over and over again; with the guidance of the sound I drift into a kind of meditative state."

ORF musikprotokoll