Sunday, 15. April 2018, 23:03 - 00:00, Ö1



kinetik speakers & sonic commons:
a radio dialogue made of acoustic recordings of
a sound class at MIT in the spring semester 2017 by Sam Auinger and Jan St. Werner.


Sam Auinger and Jan St. Werner mix sound documents created during their teaching activities at the Art Culture Technology Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT in the spring of 2017. The collage follows the principle of a dialogue: the two musicians speak through and about their recordings, which they have recorded like a diary to inform each other. These sound documents are counteracted by experimental compositions and acoustic studies, which were produced by the students of their course. The topics are: experimental listening and playful observation, the discovery of new artistic possibilities through the sensitization for acoustic movements in space, multi-perspective thinking, collective research, improvisation and composing, visual hearing and acoustic vision, etc ...

With: Jose Alejandor Rivera, Alexander K Souvannakhot, Rainar Aasrand, Alexander B Leffell, Walker Peterson Downey, Martin Joshua Elliot, Nicolas Kisic Aguirre, Samantha Adler Deoliveira, Kyle Joba_Woodruff und Jessica K Adams