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1) “One Thought Fills Immensity” by Sarah Washington
2) "Make Sound – eine binaurale Fablab-Oper” by Jean-Philippe Renoult

“One Thought Fills Immensity” by Sarah Washington

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Social Dreaming Climate Change: A psychosocial research pilot study into the contemporary cultural unconscious of climate change

A task, an engagement, a celebration, a seriousness, a desire, a call to arms. In October 2017 a gathering of specialists in climate change – including artists, researchers, activists, members of the Climate Psychology Alliance, and scientists – were brought together in rural Dorset by Cape Farewell, to be led by experts in a research method called the Social Dreaming Matrix. After contemplation of a series of powerful climate-based artworks, the 16 participants undertook a shared exploration of their dreams, associations and feelings with the aim of illuminating the cultural unconscious of climate change.

In “One Thought Fills Immensity”, Sarah Washington navigates the results in the hope of furthering the project's goal to articulate the subliminal themes most meaningful for culture in the era of climate change. It is a Mobile Radio production for ORF Kunstradio and for the Radia network, produced on behalf of Cape Farewell, a group of artists, scientists and educators who collectively address and raise awareness about climate change.

Cape Farewell
Mobile Radio

"Make Sound – eine binaurale Fablab-Oper” von Jean-Phillipe Renoult

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Jean-Philippe Renoults binaural opera “MakeSound” is set in the environment of the maker culture and of fab labs, non-commercial digital production spaces open to everybody.

The MakeSound series collects and then composes with the mechanical and digital whirring, beeping and clanking noises of the machines common to most fablabs. Each episode is a short binaural electroacoustic portrait of a specific machine, in a specific place, eg. a 3D printer, a CNC milling machine, a laser cutter, a vinyl printer. No other sound sources than the lab and the machines themselves are used in the compositions. Every now and then, the voices of the makers themselves join the breathing and heaving of the machines.

Originally created for the plattform, Jean-Philippe Renoult has recomposed the previous episodes of MakeSound into a long, binaural radio version.