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1.) Station Rose Jingle 2016 - "#SaveConditions" by Station Rose
2.) „Autonomic 1“ by Andrea-Jane Cornell

Station Rose Jingle 2016 - "#SaveConditions" by Station Rose

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In their annual contributions for Kunstradio, called Jingles, Station Rose reflect upon current events and developments in their analogue and digital life. The first Jingle was produced and broadcast in 1988; and the 2016 edition is entitled "#SaveConditions".

Artist Elisa Rose and composer Gary Danner explore the beauty of the digital in "#SaveConditions". The duo uses, among other things, technical glitches and breaks to generate the hi and lo-res quality of their sounds (and imagery). These sequences and patterns are then turned into loops. Synthesized sounds meet nature in a new music composition. When is a computer sequence beautiful? Is the destruction caused by glitches essential to this beauty? How important are breaks, speed and distortion?

"Autonomic 1" by Andrea-Jane Cornell

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Foto: Marcus-Andreas Mohr

Over 70 artists from all over the globe performed during the Radio Revolten Festival in Halle/Saale during October 2016 – one of them was Andrea-Jane Cornell from Canada. On 21st October she performed her piece “Autonomic 1” at the Radio Revolten Zentrale, which she describes as following: “A long form meditative piece centering on micro rhythms that mimic the involuntary functions of the autonomic nervous system. The natural rhythms of heartbeat, the rise and fall of breath, the sporadic rate of eye blinking, among others will serve as sound sources and or metronomes mark the rhythms of the layered elements in this piece for tone generators, shortwave radio receivers, amplified objects and the body. It was a small audio reproduction device (radio, card reader) with a speaker (Emmanuel Madan's installation used the same new device) . I mounted it on a harmonica holder, and placed the speaker part in my mouth. To amplify the sound (an accordion improvisation I recorded for the piece,) i placed a small hydrophone in my mouth.”

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