Sunday, 2. October 2016, 23:03 - 00:00, Ö1



„Beyond sounds“
a radio show by Salima El Mandjra, edited by Anna Raimondo (Saout Radio)

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Salima El Mandjra is an architect teacher at the national school of architecture of Rabat, interested on the observation of the social and cultural mutations related to the urban public space. Anna Raimondo is a radio and sonic artist, based in Bruxelles. She is co-curator with Younes Baba- Ali of the audible art platform Saout Radio.

Saout Radio is a platform and a web-radio dealing with sound and radio art, mostly raising from all over Maghreb, Africa and the Middle-East. As sound can easily travel across boundaries and does not need a visa, Saout Radio represents the space between the local and the international, the FM radio and the public soundscape, the virtual and the physical.

To activate Saout Radio’s archive, Anna Raimondo has invited Kunstradio producer Elisabeth Zimmermann and Salima El Mandjra for the listening session “Saout as a state of mind #2”, at Le Cube - Independent Art Room in Rabat in May 2016.
Following this experience, Salima El Mandjra proposes an immersion in Saout Radio’s archive for Kunstradio’s listeners with her radio show “Beyond sounds”. This radio show introduces Morocco through a sonic trip, questioning the complexity of the perception and the comprehension of an unknown place… with a critical lecture of twelve pieces selected from Saout Radio platform, the show also gives back a panorama of the sonic art scenes in Morocco.

Saout Radio
Le Cube
in the framework of Ö1 Schwerpunkt "Nebenan: Marokko"