Sunday, 29. November 2015, 23:03 - 23:59, Ö1



The Hallicrafters
live from the Alten Schmiede Vienna as part of "stromschiene"

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Title: Ionospheric Soundscape Bliss – Der Rausch des Radios
Artists: The Hallicrafters (Eric Hubel, Algis Kyzys (Empfangsgeräte, Live-Elektronik)

The Halicrafters will be presenting a piece using the elements of signals from two antique Hallicrafter short wave radios, three General Radio analog pulse generators that have been combined to create a variety of modulated signals, as well as a Krohn Hite analog audio filter set and an antique General radio tone burst generator modulated by a small analog oscillator built by Eric's father in the early 1980s. All of our sounds are from analog sources in this particular setup for this piece. No pre-recorded or digital material/equipment is used.

Algis Kizys and Eric Hubel co-founded Hallicrafters in 1991 as an experimental ensemble using radio transmission, atmospheric radio noise (spherics) and other sounds from obsolete radio test equipment. Our work explores sonic textures and sonorities in an improvised and semi-improvised format.  We have performed in a wide variety of contexts and situations, each presenting it's own set of restraints and/or challenges. It is the indeterminate nature of the work that is a fundamental aspect of what we do.

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