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Breath of the Pyrenees

von Pekka Siren und Agnieszka Waligorska


“Mountains perform a dualistic multifaceted and complex power in the human mind. The mankind always has been attracted to conquer the mountains by climbing to the tops of them - or on the other hand to transform the enormous powers of the mountain waters to serve man’s own  will by spinning wheels, generators, sprinkling fountains and giving life to deserted areas and just for the pleasure of the eyes. This dualism is the key to the new piece of Agnieszka Waligorska & Pekka Sirén: Human voices and animals are between the waters and winds, between rotating voices of generators and turbines of electricity. Mountains are a mystery: one day visible, next day disappeared. Mountains can build a fortress but they also can create big dangers and catastrophes: an avalanche, a flood, a landslide or the eruption of a volcano.

In the Basque country between the Spanish and French borders, the artists recorded the life and voices of mountaineers and animals, as well as the voices of mountains. Voices come and go as floods through the piece, sometimes born from the nature itself, but time-to-time as a result of man’s own desire to catch the power of the mountains by chaining it, forcing it into tubes in order to serve humankind. But mountains have their own powers! The eternal struggle between men and mountains finishes as it started and finally turns into a lullaby of the legend of the Pyrenees...

This radioscape piece is realized partly at Cracow Music Academys Electronic Studio, ORF Kunstradio studios in Vienna and in the artists’ home studio "Sirius – Virtual Visions" in Finland.
The visual part consists of a series of photos taken and computer-processed by the artists. They perform the imaginary landscapes of the drowned village Lanuza on the Northern border line of Spain.”

(Agnieszka Waligorska & Pekka Sirén)

The piece is based on the 2006 version “Power of the Mountains”.