Sonntag, 21. September 2014, 23:03 - 23:59, Ö1




by C-drík aka Kirdec



Truchement (which could be translated by middle person) is a piece made after I explored a collection of various sounds, documentaries and interviews from IMA, ORF and my own archives at Syrphe of women who compose electronic music in Asia and Africa and recombined a selection of them together with some of my own recordings into one electro-acoustic piece.
I kept the result abstract, it is not a collage, nor a mix of various extracts. It contains no intelligible voice, interviews or statements and merges all those archives in one kind of memory. The original sound source can hardly (if not at all) been found again.
A vast majority of those sounds were made thanks to those artists'
voices that I treated, blurred, stretched and so on as to me voice was the main .
Why did I keep it abstract in stead of narrating with a voice ?
I believe that a document resource needn't always to go straight to the point and contain a clear statement. It then allows it to give more freedom to the imagination of the listener who is anyway supposed to be aware of the content or subject thanks to this text.
I also wanted to keep a certain neutrality to the piece as after a few experiments with a (my) narrative voice and some other artist's interviews, I realised that I was heading to a certain viewpoint that would provide less freedom to the listener's imagination and I must tell too that I didn't agree with some of what I heard or didn't find the information I wanted to be heard.
Another point was that even if I had use English in stead of German or French as a common thread I would anyway have excluded some of the listeners ; by using a non-verbal language, I hope to remain neutral, even though the track structure has been conducted in a certain personal way.
Sound sources :