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– blown backwards into the future”

Part 7:



Dimitra Pemousi and Manolis Manousakis with Marold Langer-Philippsen

Live from Vienna and Athens

Sound-Engineers Athens:
Vasilis Katsaros and Sakis  Euthimiopoulos

Sound-Engineer Wien:
Ralph Gabriel
Maartin Leitner


Marold Langer-Phillipsen in the Studio RP4, Wien

The live radio performance PARADISELOST VII FIRMAMENT is inspired by the experiences what Dimitra Pemousi and Manolis Manousakis accumulated by living in Athens during the last elections this past June. Through a series of interviews taken from April to the end of the summer it became obvious that the economic and political crisis in Greece would be their main thematic.

Dimitra Pemousi and Manolis Manousakis in Athens

 Editing the interviews and dividing the material in chapters they created a parallel story to Milton’s. Their episodes (like in Milton’s work) are divided in 12 chapters; each chapter is inspired by a unique character that is found in the original work. Finally they substituted the original characters, such as Satan, God, Jesus and the angels, with people they interviewed at the streets of Athens and audio samples taken from TV political talk shows.
The audio samples are taken from a series of interviews questioning a random selection of people . The questions are inspired by Paradise Lost. The interviewer asked, amongst other questions; have you found your paradise? Is there a paradise? Do you think we live in paradise ? Although these questions are clichés, the political situation between 2009-2012 in Greece and the results of the economic crisis, which greatly affected the lives of most Greek residents, lead to answers that where characterized by their statements against the political regime and the high-class nomenclature. The final result was a plethora of answers that where relayed to the project .
Also a series of recorded soundscapes at open-air political speeches, radio talks, tv political talk shows, rallies and protests consist of an audio mosaic serving as a background that transforms the action from chapter to chapter. The same way work the voice improvisations by Savina Yannatou. Inspired directly from Milton’s text, they were made into songs with a voice lyricism that resembles Paradise or Hell.

In exchange with the LIVE STREAM from Radio Athens Marold Langer-Philippsen will alter through comments and interview parts from divers sources based at the same questions like "have you found your paradise? Is there a paradise? Do you think we live in paradise?" at the KUNSTRADIO-Studio in the ORF Vienna.


LIVE from RADIO ATHENS / Research/Interviews: Dimitra Pemousi
LIVE from RADIO ATHENS / Music: Manolis Manousakis

Songs and voice improvisations Savvina Yannatou
Double Bass / Dimitris Tigas

text: Dimitris Botsos
poem ITHAKA by Ntinos Christianopoulos

Main Interviews by

Kostas Kostopoulos
Satvros Loukeris
Nadia Deliyannis
Chrisa Thodi
Antonia Bardis
Elizabeth Bonanou

LIVE from KUNSTRADIO, Vienna: Marold Langer-Philippsen