Sunday, 4. November 2012, 23:03 - 23:59, Ö1


Kunstradio Classics 2 – Part 15:

1) „Always nice to be recognised“ by Nerve Theory (Bernhard Loibner & Tom Sherman)

2) “Violin music in the age of shopping” by Jon Rose

selected by Isabella Bordoni


Isabella Bordoni is an actress, poet, theater director and artist allied with the art group and publisher Giardini Pensili in Rimini. Since the mid-1980s there have been numerous performances of her work in theater plays, concerts, radio plays and radio art. In 1993 participiated in the TV & radio network project Realtime, which was organised by Kunstradio and transit in collaboration with artists. With her artistic partner Roberto Paci Dalò and the „Teatro dell’Ascolto“ of Giardini Pensili, she has realised the live radio production „Lost Memories“.
Isabella Bordoni has selected two pieces from Kunstradio's radio art archive:
1) „Always nice to be recognised“ by Nerve Theory (Bernhard Loibner & Tom Sherman)
“In my perception this composition rushes into the contemporary but through it is carrying the present time in a sort of 'moon landing' between real life and science-fiction. The grain of the voice, his tone, the sound and the space around, all together construct a world and they become meta-reflexive elements, able to "reflect" space of biopolitics of bodies and lives, and to "be" themselves that body. I feel fascinated by this opening.”
From the project description
„Information technology will encourage more and more people to externalize their private lives. Networked, Web-based, on-line publishing, digital cameras and camcorders/non-linear editing systems, and sound packages galore, will continue to offer ubiquitous opportunities for the production and distribution of previously invisible material.
Wireless, networked technologies will encourage the exchange of inane information, previously kept private. It will be hard to build momentum for change when every single gesture is exposed, and compromised by moderation.“

2) “Violin music in the age of shopping”, live radio performance by Jon Rose
“A true pioneer and brilliant artist. Jon Rose is original, sarcastic, virtuous, irreverent and this piece has all these characteristics of him. Jon Rose is able to play with the paradox and ridicule like few others.”
Project description by Jon Rose:
As revealed in the seminal book The Pink Violin (ISBN 0 646 080032) the Australian composer, theorist and violinist Dr. Johannes Rosenberg predicted that after the demise of Communism and Capitalism would come The Age of Shopping. He also identified two important characteristics that the culture industry of this period would develop - firstly an obsession with technical process for its own sake and secondly, a contemporary art and music world largely empty of any creative content. A culture where the constituent parts have been removed from their context (meaning) and all voices, authentic, original or otherwise, continue to exist only as easily identifiable, sellable product. Content as a recognizable idea has ceased to exist because all 'the content' has become interchangeable - it doesn't matter what is going on providing there is evidence that something is going on - a merely quantative world of massed copies and fakes. All music whatever its origin, status or supposed function would now exist in a digital dream time that the originators of 'muzak' could never have imagined. Rosenberg envisaged the music supermarket of today - a place where the tins on the shelf are interchangeable; the labels maybe looking different but the content (once bought) identical.