Sunday, 15. May 2011, 23:03 - 23:45, Ö1



by Claudia Wegener/Radio Continental Drift


Claudia Wegener is a London-based artist who engages in social and community projects by means of acoustic communication, oral history and media education. She works under the name Radio Continental Drift, and a large part of her projects are developed in African countries, with a focus on South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. In her new radio piece “Kolonialwarenladen”, Wegener looks back upon her own roots in Germany.

Artist’s statement:

 “start asking, where am I coming from…” often a central question in my work with community organisations & groups of artists in Africa; here, I’m posing the question also to myself: through conversations with women of my mother’s generation (born in the 1930s) in Germany, recorded in the city of Hamm, where I grew up; I’m asking the women to listen to recordings I made with African women conducted in English and “translate” or respond to parts they may choose and relate to in German. 

“Kolonialwarenladen” - the word, its uses, abuses and histories, repercussions and connected personal memories also serves as an entry point in these conversations; reflecting on residues of “another” side of colonial histories (“we know very little…”) : what knowledge or information could be traced, can be traced, remembered, or excavated about Africa in daily life in Europe/ Germany; and more specifically, what forms of representation or articulation does the forgetting of  “our colonies” find in the narrations and childhood memories of women in a “motherland” ?

The recordings with women from Uganda, Kenya and South Africa are archived online and available for downloads under creative commons licence; for playlists, see

Credits / the narrators:

Aber Khevine, Gulu, Uganda
Ameso Tabitha, Kampala, Uganda
Bewerley Webster, Durban, South Africa
Claudia Wegener, London, UK
Faith KaManzi, Durban, South Africa
Irmgard Fatheuer, Hamm, Germany
Irmgard Gorschlüter, Hamm, Germany
Ingrid Wegener, Hamm, Germany
Joyce Laker, Gulu, Uganda
L-ness (Lydia Akwabi), Nairobi, Kenya
Lucie Schade, Hamm, Germany
Makgotso Gulube, Johannesburg, South Africa
Phumelele Ndlovu, Durban, South Africa
Regina Amelio, Kampala, Uganda
Rosemarie Bürstenbinder, Hamm, Germany
Seane Leboue, Johannesburg, South Africa
Uschi Lodde, Bochum, Germany

Mbira / song : Albert Sempeke, Kampala, Uganda
Mouth harp: Matshepo Motsoeneng, Newcastle, South Africa
 “Safari” Song : Alfons & Ingrid Wegener
Quotation from: John S. Mbiti “African Religion and Philosophy”

Contributions form Durban where produced and published during the Durban Sings audio media & oral history project: