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„Long Walk“

by Claudia Wegener / Radio Continental Drift

in the framework of „Ke Nako“, the Africa-special on Radio Ö1


“Long Walk” is an acoustic account of Claudia Wegener’s projects in South Africa, which she has been working on since 2005 and which share a sociopolitical dimension.

In 2006 she asked citizens to each translate a sentence taken from Nelson Mandela’s autobiography „A Long Walk to Freedom“ into their native languages and dialects. For “Radio Armed Response“ she posed socratic questions to inhabitants of Johannesburg’s suburbs on the issue of „inner security“. In „Durban Sings“, Wegeners recent project, she works with internet art and oral history by creating networks and enforcing citizens’ journalism.

“Long Walk” is a radio play produced by Radio Continental Drift.

Broadcast: 9 October 2009, Studio Akustische Kunst, WDR

01 nights of departure (6:27')
02 terminal history (4:48')
03 zooming into jozi via alex (11:26')
04 here and overseas (8:05')
05 inside the belly (5:07')
06 Azania (9:22')
07 finale alla parade (5:31)

credits (in order of appearance):
DENNIS BRUTUS, poet narrator
MARIA FISCH, archivist narrator
JOE MURANGI, Herero commentator
MICHAEL ASBURY, "radio continental drift" jingle
PATRICIA KYUNGU, Sophia-town interpreter
numerous RESIDENT NARRATORS, dogs, bells and electric wires in Diepkloof and Sandton (on or off intercom)
numerous TRANSLATORS IN TRANSIT at Jozi's Park Station, the JAG, Wits Campus and Alexandra Township (reciting from Nelson Mandela's "Long Walk to Freedom", abridged edition)
PITSO CHINZIMA, Jozi narrator in the car
FAITH DANIELS, SAfm presenter
WATU KOBESE, SA chess champion
WILLIAM KENTRIDGE, Jozi narrator on the fence in the park
JOHN FLEETWOOD, photographer, Jozi commentator on the fence
ALFRED KUMALO and DAVID, Joubert Park photographers
GEORGE SHIRE, Brixton narrator 1
NADINE GORDIMER, interpreter English, in 'my father' (04)
TERRY MAC, Brixton narrator 2 (reciting LKJ's poem "Making History")
SOLOMON and various Brixton sound systems
DIANA HYSLOP and ANDREW THABANGU, interpreters in 'my cell' (06)
CHARLOS FUENTES, interpreter Spanish, in 'the science of boxing' (06)
STEVEN NKWANA and STEVEN SKOZANA, Joubert Park chess players
JACKIE NGUBENI, commentator SA chess
PAUL STIGLING, Riverlee Park chess player
ANDROA MINDRE KOLO, praise speech on LONG WALK tournament (07)
VUYO and MAJESTY, poetry performance at the LONG WALK tournament
the women of the ANTI-PRIVATISATION-FORUM (struggle songs)

additional recordings:
clips from AMADOU SANGARE dit BARI ("l'Histoire de Moussa Tchefari Pere de Sabally 1")
clips from the album "WAY BACK"
clip of song "Tell the world my story"
clips from SAfm interview on LONG WALK tournament (18 Nov. 2005)
clip of church congregation on Jozi train recorded by MANDISA M. LEDWABA

special thanks to:
Dennis Brutus (for his poem "Memory"), all the producers of the DURBAN SINGS Project and researchers at the Centre for Civil Society in Durban where this radio drama was edited in September 2009; and in Jozi to:
the Market Photo Workshop, Joubert Park Photographers, Joubert Park Chess Players, Johannesburg Art Gallery, SAfm, Joburg City Parks, the Chess Academy, and the Bag Factory Artist Studios;
the British Council and TrAIN research unit at the University of the Arts in London for travel grants in 2005 and 2008.