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„news from LQD-7 - #325“

by Maria Schubert

Voices: Franz Tomandl and Nina Strehlein



A recorded trip made in locks on the Danube between Linz and Nuremberg by Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, DinahBird and Jean-Philippe Renoult.

"European Sound Delta was a boat journey on two of Europe’s most densely trafficked rivers, the Danube and the Rhine. Over Summer 2008 two boats sailed slowly upstream from the Black and North Seas to the final destination point in Strasbourg. Along the way resident artists composed sound pieces and experimented with alternative forms of radio inspired by the journey. With the radio artists Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington and DinahBird, I joined the boat from Linz (Austria) to Nuremberg (Germany) and began to research the use of basic sonar techniques and echo location to try and to make an audio image of our surroundings. ...

from left to right: Knut Aufermann, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Dinah Bird

... We used a very simple sonar system consisting of speakers facing out from the boat, megaphones, battery run electronic instruments, a harmonica, our voices and microphones that picked up the reflections from the shoreline and the concrete walls of the locks. ...

... As we drifted past walls, boats, walkers, fishermen, cyclists, under bridges, and trawled through the some of the largest locks in Europe, the reflected sound created an audible map of the ongoing journey.

As a group of very diverse radio practitioners what interested us most the acoustic space these imposing vault-like 25 meter high locks provided us with… it became our auditorium, each passage of time enclosed within an improvised concert where we played along with the creaks and groans of the lock gates, and the resonant sound that bounced off the huge moss-covered concrete walls. Our audience were our fellow travelers, a lost crow, some German lock keepers and  the Serbian captains commanding the gigantic cargo boats West.

“Locked In” is a composed sound piece made especially for Kunstradio from the sounds, thoughts, impressions we've collected on the journey, and our in situ improvised  performances."

Jean-Philippe Renoult

Kunstradio broadcast by Aymeric de Tapol in the framework of European Sound Delta