Sunday, 6. April 2008, 23:05. - 23:45, Ö1



Sound & Vision – radio pieces by art students

Kunstradio collaborates with the forum experimentelle architektur and the University of Applied Arts Vienna: four students contribute recent sound works, some of which will also be transformed into installations for the MuseumsQuartier, where the initiative forum experimentelle architektur is based.
All works have been developed during the workshop “Sound & Vision“ with Brigitte Felderer.



by Lukas Frankenberger (2007)

„My Little World“ is an – in the Austrian pop history – legendary Eurovision Song by Waterloo & Robinson from 1976. By highlighting single text fragments, the song remains recognisable – yet, what used to be a straightforward charts-hit, is now an auditive irritation.



"La radio es la vida – Ohne Radio geht nix"

by Susanne Katharina Klein (2007, Duration 7’35’’)

The daily life of the indigenous rural population in San Ignacio de Velasco is coined by radio. For the inhabitants of the Bolivian lowlands, radio replaces the telephone: messages about accidents and emergencies, private or medical visits are transmitted, as well as entertainment and education programs. Recordings from local radio programs from July/August 2007 as well as interviews are used for this sound piece.
Thanks to the artist’s sister Irmgard Christine Klein.


Setfoto „and up and down“ by Ulrich Kurt Kühn


"and up and down"

by Ulrich Kurt Kühn (2007, Duration 3’02’’)

Kühn investigates the sounds produced by the device, that is normally only used for recording or working with sounds: the computer. The sonic structure of the piece follows the work processes of computers: starting programs, moving the mouse or using a webcam. The production tool becomes a producer itself.



by Ulrich Kurt Kühn (2008, Duration 2’08’’)

The piece consists of various resonances of a 440Hz tuning fork. About 40 volumes, all surfaces and cans in a kitchen, produce a new common sound.


"cd crack"

by Ulrich Kurt Kühn (2008, Duration 1’20’’)

A scratched CD, found on the street, was played on the CD player: a short fragment of 2 seconds could still be read and played back. This fragment was recorded and artificially scratched even more, recorded again etc. After 20 repetitions the CD was destroyed and the piece thus comes to its natural end. The recorded material was not manipulated any further.


"s-fehler II"

Sound-space-intervention by Hans-Jürgen Poëtz (2002/07, duration 11’44’’)

This piece deals with transformations of memory and seeks to find technical irritations that cannot be described in a linear form. The sound [s] was copied back and forth between two computers, more than 1.000 times. The changes and irritations of the sound material can hardly be perceived, yet the changing patterns create a spatial resonance.



„jet whistles“

by Hans-Jürgen Poëtz, flute: Eva Furrer (2008, duration 4’20’’)

„jet whistles“ is based on the sounds of a stream of air, that runs through a flute. Corresponding with it’s physical environment in which it is listened to, it makes the space breath. The artist recommends to turn on all radios available in order to enforce this experience.