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» I: Translation
» II: Att fälla grova träd är förknippat med risker. The Felling of Tall Trees Entails Danger.



byGerda Lampalzer

The idea that in every language there are also traces of other languages has always fascinated Gerda Lampalzer. This is also the basic idea of „Translation“, a work which the artist realized as video installation as well as radio piece. For both, Lampalzer literally dissected and analyzed audio recordings of five very different languages (Russian, Japanese, English, Spanish, and Tagalok, a language spoken on the Philippines), each spoken by a native speaker. Later, she set the single syllables together again, creating a kind of new German language. This new text – with thouroughly new meanings – is „spoken“ partly by a choir of voices, partly as a dialogue, is partly a mix of different voices and original languages and arranged for a spacial piece with five accents.
The video installation of „Translation“ was awarded with the Karl-Hofer-Preis 2005 of the University of Arts in Berlin.


Att fälla grova träd är förknippat med risker. The Felling of Tall Trees Entails Danger.

by Hanna Hartman

For her radio piece "Att fälla grova träd är förknippat med risker", Swedish sound artist Hanna Hartman was awarded the Karl-Szcuka-Preis 2005.

The jury based its decision as follows:
“Hanna Hartman’s highly concentrated sound composition is determined by the two motifs hinted at in the title of felling and falling. The presentation of the material, as if through an aural magnifying glass, makes the sounds loose their unambiguous identifiability; they become ambiguous, begin to shimmer and, released from their semantic context, develop a musical life of their own. The piece acquires its cohesion through an extreme economy of structure: the aperiodic sequences are attached one to the other in hard cuts with precisely measured breaks. An intense, physically demanding sound experience which continually tests the listener’s aural perception and the clarity of which remains unsettling.”

The SWR first awarded the Karl-Szcuka-Preis in 1955; in the beginning, it was a distinction for radio play music, nowadays it is one of the most important awards for advanced radio art works with great international reputation.

"Att fälla grova träd är förknippat med risker" was commissioned by the Insitute for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden (EMS) for its 40th anniversary.

Produced by Swedish Radio Ltd.; the piece was made available as a "listening proposal" to members of the Ars Acustica group of the EBU.