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To be free always implicates not to be free at the same time.
Freedom always means dependency on the other hand.

In an extended sense, freedom means the absence of properties or things.
In a narrower sense, freedom is the opposite of captivity. Ethically, freedom is an individual’s right, possibility, and obligation to self-determination and to express one’s free will. Philosophically speaking, freedom is the ability and the possibility to make decisions!


On the 15th of May 1955, after the Austrian treaty had been signed, Austria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs then in office, Leopold Figl, made the meanwhile legendary announcement: „Österreich ist frei!“ (Austria is free!)

50 years later, within the course of the so-called „Gedankenjahr“ („Year of Thought“, meaning commemoration), the composer and musician Hans Platzgumer and his collegue and pop theorist Didi Neidhart question what freedom is and what the costs for freedom are – that is to say, the increasing restrictions of individual freedom and growing methods of control, all in the name of (national) security – and have formed this questioning as a radio sculpture; a radiophonic collage full of quotations and thoughts of contemporary philosophers and theorists on the one hand, and definitions of various methods for surveying the human body as a more or less exact possibility of identifying an individual, on the other; modern brands or watermarks, joined and fit together with contrarian, sometimes poetical-associative lines of thoughts.

Quotations from::
Karl-Heinz Stockhausen
Gilles Deleuze (T: Bernd Schwibs, Gustav Roßler, Gabriele Ricke & Ronald Voullié)
Félix Guattari (T: Gabriele Ricke & Ronald Voullié)
Jacques Lacan (T: Nikolaus G. Schneider, Gabriella Burkhart)
Dylan Evans (T: Gabriella Burkhart)
Robert Anton Wilson (T: Dieter A. Hagenbach)
Bernward Vesper
Michel Foucault (T: Walter Seitter, Ulrich Raulff)
Friedrich Nietzsche
Slavoj Zizek (T: Nikolaus G. Schneider,
H.P. Lovecraft (T: Rudolf Hermstein)
Edgar Varèse (T: Dietmar Dath)
Kodwo Eshun (T: Dietmar Dath)
Hubert Fichte
Candace West & Don Zimmerman (T: Corinna Genschel, Caren Lay, Nancy Wagenknecht, Volker Woltersdorff)
Friedrich Torberg
Alain Finkielkraut (T: Hans-Joachim Maass)
Georg Seesslen
Hans Blumenberg
Arnauld Villani (T: Clemens-Carl Härle)
Henning Schmidgen
Lewis Carroll (T: Christian Enzensberger)