SONNTAG, 2. Jänner 2005, 23:05. - 23:45, Ö1


Tonspur 5-8

A project by Peter Szely and Georg Weckwerth

» Tonspur 5: Miha Horvat, Hans-Jürgen Poetz, Oliver Bokan
» Tonspur 6: ANDRES BOSSHARD - murmurma
» Tonspur 7: ROBERT JACOBSEN - a la visite
» Tonspur 8: ULRICH ELLER - kleine materialmusik

[ Deutsche Version ]

In September 2003, "Tonspur" was launched as a series of sound works for public space, situated at the Erste Bank Arena at the Museums Quarter in Vienna. International and national artists were invited to conceive and compose sound works and/or sound architectures for this space.

The artists involved to date have adapted their pieces specifically for the radio medium to be broadcast on Kunstradio - Radiokunst.

The radiophonic sound works presented in this programme are compositions by three students from Bernhard Leitner's class as well as by the Swiss sound architect Andres Bosshard, by Ulrich Eller and, finally, by Hamburg based composer Robert Jacobsen.

Due to Georg Weckwerth's (artistic director) und Peter Szely's (technical director) concept which postulates the significance public space has for and within the evolution of sound art, it is just a logical step to involve radio as a medium for public space on air.

On March 7th 2004, Kunstradio already presented parts 1 to 4 of "Tonspur", including works by Christoph Cargnelli, Ulrich Kurt Kühn, Andrea Sodomka and Peter Szely.

Tonspur 5:
hammerhandlichtpapier listen - von Oliver Bokan
son DA listen - von Mia Horvat
neunmalfoen listen - von Hans-Jürgen Poetz


Tonspur 5 offered an impression on visual artistic approaches towards sound, thus taking a different turn than the original conception of "Tonspur", that of purely acoustic, multi-channel sound architectures.

Three artists, all students of Bernhard Leitner and his intermediary artistic approach at the Universitiy of Applied Arts in Vienna, used the space at the Museums Quarter as exhibit space and field of experimentation for very different sound works: sound objects, spacial sound installations, video-sound-works as well as installations with audio and video.

Tonspur 6:
murmurma listen - von Andres Bosshard


Zurich based artist Andres Bosshard, well-known to listeners of Kunstradio, counts to the most renowned contemporary sound artists. Besides others, he has realized projects for the EXPO 2000 in Hannover as well as the "Klangturm" situated within a space conceived by Coop Himmelb(l)au architects which is still regarded as one of the icons fo the EXPO.02 in Switzerland.

Bosshard is lecturer at universities around the globe, amongst others at the Media Academy in Cologne. In June 2004, he was invited to Vienna by "Tonspur" as artist in redidence and realized the twelve-channel audio installation "murmura".

Tonspur 7:
a la visite listen - von Robert Jacobsen


After being trained as goldsmith and having studied design and sculpture, Robert Jacobsen, born in Hamburg, got involved in pscho-acoustic sound research and behavioural sciences. Since the mid 1980s, Jacobsen has developed interactive and kinetic sound sculptures as well as sound and light environments.

Tonspur 8:
kleine materialmusik listen - von Ulrich Eller


Ulrich Eller regards himself as sculptor who likes to work most of all with sound. His, mostly space specific sound works have been presented, amongst others, at the documenta 8. For the last 10 years, he's been lecturing at the Polytechnic in Hannover and just recently he was assigned for the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig to install an institute for sound sculpture and sound installation. Eller himself calls his piece "Kleine Materialmusik" an experiment. He was the third artist in residence to be invited to Vienna by Tonspur.