Radio as Interface.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the convergence of media we are witnessing today is the potential to collage (and "remediate") different old and new media according to the needs of a given political, social, geographical,technical and/or artistic situation. As far as radio is concerned, this convergence of media has resulted in a process of the ever-increasing use the of its synchronous as well as asynchronous qualities and a (re-)discovery of the communicative aspects of radio.

While the on site participants of the symposium Acoustic.Space.Lab brainstormed around the giant radio-telescope of Irbene, the remote participants of the event had no possibility to connect with them, nor had the artists and theoreticians on site much opportunity to connect with those people around the world who had set up special on line projects as contributions to the symposium.

Shortwave and mediumwave radio (both with their special restrictions and dependencies on the forces of nature) have the capabitlity of reaching the most remote areas of our globe.

In a collage of internet, shortwave, mediumwave and telefone, Kunstradio together with ROI and MW Radio 1476 produced broadcasts which tried to get the projects of the on line remote participants of Acoustic.Space.Lab onto the radiowaves in order to make them accessible also at Irbene. There were also - mostly successful - attempts to reach the on site symposium in the forests of Irbene via cell-phone. Unexpectedly, the old telephone connection at Irbene proved capable of supporting sporadic email access so that several on line reports managed to reach Vienna from Irbene and were promptly used in the daily broadcasts.