August 12 th 2001

Acoustic.Space.Lab Live from Riga, Latvia

 The final streaming event of Acoustic.Space.Lab consisted of streams from the closing party at the LMS Gallery in Riga, Latvia, and on line contributions by remote participants.

A Retrospective of Real Events

 A live on line contribution to the final streaming event of Acoustic.Space.Lab from the Kunstradio office in Vienna. By August Black and Manfred Söllner.

Kunstradio Special

 A live broadcast on Shortwave ROI, 6155 kHz and 5945 kHz, and Mediumwave, Radio 1476,1476 MW, and on line. The program included (re-)broadcasts of on line contributions to Acoustic.Space.Lab, Irbene, and a statement by artist-theoretician Robert Adrian who had just returned from his participation in the Irbene part of Acoustic.Space.Lab.