What is radio art?
30 years of Radiokunst - Kunstradio on Österreich 1

Call for participation! Celebrate Ö1 Kunstradio’s 30th anniversary with us in a special live on air program on 1st December 2017.

Ö1 Kunstradio is celebrating 30 years on air!
In 1987, the journalist and curator Heidi Grundmann founded a weekly show for radio art on the ORF’s cultural channel Radio OE1, opening up the program of the national-public broadcasting corporation towards new and experimental art forms.
(And it all started a long time before 1987, when Grundmann introduced “Kunst zum Hören” ( to her monthly radio show on contemporary visual arts. Hence the roots of Kunstradio go back to the mid-1970s – but hey, everybody needs a fixed date to celebrate!)
Radio – in all its forms and appearances – was considered a space for art, its material, its method and a source of inspiration. In the 1990s, following the initiative of artists and theoreticians, Heidi Grundmann and the Kunstradio team organized a number of highly innovative network projects, experimenting with technologies, collaborative art practices and the yet unknown possibilities (and restrictions) of interconnected media spaces. As early as 1995, Kunstradio launched its own homepage on, an artists-run website to host art projects, act as a hub in the network and document radio art.
Now, after 30 years, Kunstradio has maintained its weekly slot in the program of Ö1, with almost an hour time on national radio per week; and has grown into a vast archive of programs, projects and theoretical texts on radio art and its relatives. Reflecting contemporary artistic approaches and an ever-changing discourse, Kunstradio today still considers and incorporates the most recent developments in technologies and arts, which results in a permanent negotiation of the term ‘radio art’ itself.
For our 30th anniversary we have therefore decided to address the simple question ‘What is radio art?’ to artists all over the world, and to ask them for short acoustic pieces that might give an answer or react to the absurdity of the endeavor to find an answer. The plan is to include (and possibly remix) these pieces in a special 3-hours-broadcast on 1st December 2017. If we fail to answer the elementary question on the essence and nature of radio art, nobody shall be disappointed: at least we will have a decent radio art party!

Kunstradio turns 30
1st December 2017, live on air 22.15-01:00 CET
with live performances and contributions by Gözen Atila, Peter Courtemanche, Gordan Paunovic, Robin Rimbaud, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Roberto Paci Dalò, Christine Schörkhuber, Sarah Washington, and many more.
on line:
What is radio art? Please use the Upload-Tool on to send us your sounds! Thanks for participating.