TOUCHLESS I , a radio concert with theremin players in Vienna, Moscow and Madrid, part of the project 'Recycling the Future' on the 4th of December 1997, is the precursor and starting point to this project. During a five days seminar at the Theremin Center in Moscow, Andre Smirnov, Yuri Spitsin, Günther Gessert and Elisabeth Schimana worked out the basic musical structures for the moscow part. They emphasized the use of the termen-vox as a controlling device for various anologue synthesizers and the use of female voices in similarity and contrast to the termen-vox's electronic voice. The powerglove which works touchless like the termen-vox is played by Yuri Spitsin.

TOUCHLESS II brings all these radioconcert people together into the rooms of the Minoritenkirche and continues to spin an idea: the termen-vox as a universal controlling unit of an electronic working place. This orchestra functions as a pool of ideas, because of it's members very different, yet very specific, musical and technical backgrounds and inputs.

For the eight musicians there are four working stations set up at four different locations. Each station has its own monitoring which functions also as the soundsystem. Each theremin has its own invisible field with the calculated disturbances by the moving audience. The voice of Olga Milanichs classical played theremin will put the room into a state of musical uncertainty.



The sensuality of Music
made without touching