a global 12 hour Live-Webcast in homage to Kurt Schwitters
September 19th 1999 / 11:00 GMT - 23:00 GMT

Using the famous URSONATE as a leitmotif, over 40 artists in 14 locations on four continents formed a live-network to pay homage to KURT SCHWITTERS, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Initiated by Hank Bull as his contribution to the ARTBARNS exhibition, this homage takes the form of a 12 hour on line MERZmuseum containing a wide variety of especially produced live-audio streams, webcams, audiofiles, images and texts.

Over the 12 hours of its existence, the shape and content of MERZmuseum changed constantly as artists at different locations took turns or overlaped in realising their temporary exhibits (live-projects) - sometimes making use of each others material and/or of contributions which were placed as 'permanent exhibits' within the 12 hour museum.

At some locations a live on site and/or on air audience participated in the event.

In Vancouver a TECHNOLLAGE in form of a pre-opening party preceded the MerZmuseum proper.
TECHNOLLAGE I wass webcast on the MERZmuseum site on Sept 19th 1999 from 4:00 GMT.

MERZmuseum is a coproduction of First Floor Eastside, Vancouver and Ö1 Kunstradio, Vienna in collaboration with algorythmics, Graz; Toysatellite, Melbourne; Unstable Sounds, Sussex, UK; and others.

MERZmuseum is part of the project-series WIENCOUVER 2000.

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