Voice: Martin Daske
4 CDs

The Ursonate performed letter by letter. Between the spoken parts are a lot of blanks. If one reads the Ursonate at the speed of one letter a second, one would find that the tape is in sync. This means the text continues during the silences.
I added also sounds. I call them 'Ursounds'. I recorded them over a long period in different chemical plants. If you listen carefully and for a long time you experience some kind of organic origin - the same way as if you put your ear to someone's body.

The 4 CDs are meant to be performed on top or behind another program. From CD 1 to CD 4. CDs 1, 3 and 4 are exactly one hour long. CD 2 is a little bit longer. CD 3 is supposed to start at one hour of CD 2 (sound continues under the beginning of CD 3).
The CDs can also be performed cut by cut. Each part has an index. They can also be performed at random.