Kurt Schwitters

Schwitters himself claimed the "Ursonate" (or Sonate in Urlauten) to be "his most comprehensive and important poetic work" He developed the "Ursonate" over a period of 10 years (1922 - 1932), performing it by heart. Only in 1932 he published .the complete print version in a typography by Jan Tschichold as issue 24 of his magazine "Merz".



In 1925 with Merz 13 Schwitters published a record (Merz-Grammophonplatte) of the Scherzo of the Ursonate. In 1932 the Süddeutsche Rundfkunk published a new recording of the Scherzo.

The following file of the complete "Ursonate" performed by Schwitters was only published in 1993 after the artist Jack Ox learned that such a recording existed.

Kurt Schwitters. Ursonate.
WERGO Schallplatten. Mainz 1993.

see commentary by Hans Burkhardt Schlichting, 20th of September 1999