Johannes Sienknecht

Compressed stereo version of an eight-channel installation ("einStimmen") using human voices and nature-sounds.

Over 100 people translated the sentence "Wer das Leben liebt, erfährt sich selbst in der Vielfalt des Anderen" into their mothertongue and recorded it. The intention was to record at least those languages (about 50), which were spoken by the prisoners of the concentration camp at Buchenwald. The ambient sounds were recorded in Weimar and on the Ettersberg. They include the sound of the river Ilm, wind, rain, steps in the snow.

It is not the language which matters here, but the voice. It is the voice through which with acoustical energy each speaker recorded her history, her culture. The translation into the mothertongue completes this and lets the German original disappear. Translation means writing anew.

An 8 channel version was installed 1998 at Buchenwald. Another version was part of the exhibition "Entartete Musik-1938" (Weimar1998). A new version will be installed on october 15th 1999 in Weimar for the opening of the Kolleg Friedrich Nietzsche. A stereoversion was broadcast on FM 106,6 in Weimar.

The structure of the stereo version as well as the 8 channel versions are created in Realtime.