Karel Dudesek et.al.

Visitors to the MERZmuseum are invited to a first PREVIEW of an upcoming innovative on line SCHWITTERS Archive, the Virtual Museum System VMS Schwitters which is under construction for the Sprengelmuseum Hannover.
This preview includes the first possibility to enter the 3D MERZbau, which is still being worked on. VMS Schwitters is a context-based databank-system, which enables users to navigate through complex content-structures. VMS is easy to administrate. To curators e.g. It offers the opportunity to organise multimedial contents from its datapool into individual exhibitions.

View the first version of VMS Schwitters at
click Merzbau - after you have installed Cosmosoftware - to get a first experience of what VMS Schwitters will be able to offer in the future.

To view the 3 dimensional Merzbau
you need a 3D plug-in by Cosmosoftware (www.cosmosoftware.com), which has to be installed on your computer.
This first version of Merzbau is compatible with Netscape and Explorer from 4.0 and with WIN95/96 and MAC OS.

VMS Schwitters is a research project supported by the Ministry of Research and Art of Niedersachsen. It is a cooperation of the Sprengel Museum Honnover, the Schwitters Archive and Van Gogh TV.